Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum investment I can make?

The minimum investment in a Latam Farm Projects depends on each project, but  in most of them the minimum investment is USD 25,000.

What are the risks associated with this kind of investment?

Land is a low risk investment, as it has proven to preserve its value even in the worst economic crisis. However there are some risks involved in this kind of investment  associated with each kind of project. They are basically related to commodity prices, weather and political issues. All of these risks can be mitigated using different strategies.  At Latam Farms we mitigate price risk by hedging, forward selling and trading futures and options for grains.  This requires a deep understanding of the markets and of the tools available, so we work in partnership with specialized market analysts who are constantly evaluating the best marketing strategies for our production.   We manage weather risk with insurance policies and by selecting farms in weather appropriate locations for the planed production. This requires a profound knowledge of local conditions, which is one of our assets due to the network who form part of our team.

Where are the farms?

They are in Paraguay and Uruguay. We chose these countries for our projects as they have proven to have a stable political environment in the last years, with state policies directed to attract foreign investment and where there is a general political agreement, (independently of the political party in government) that business-friendly policies are the way to go in developing the country.

Why should I invest with Latam Farms instead of managing my own investment?

Selecting, operating and managing farms in South America requires global vision, regional knowledge and local execution. Latam Agro and its selected local partners provide the necessary know-how. We have already researched and selected the best investment opportunities in the region. What is more, our team of agronomists has extensive local knowledge and can guarantee the success of the operation.

What do I get for my investment? What is the investment structure?

Each project has its own structure, which has been carefully designed to guarantee transparency and to keep the overheads and tax costs down. In most cases it consists of an LP in Canada, which owns a company in Uruguay, which in turn owns another company in Paraguay that is the owner of the land. Each investor will get a percentage of the shares of the LP in Canada, according to his investment.

Can I invest in more than one project?

Yes, each project has its own independent investment structure. If you choose to invest in more than one project you will be investing in totally independent LP´s in Canada. The result of one project has no effect on the results of another one.

How do I get out of my investment?

Each project has a projected time frame with a starting and finish date. However, if an investor wishes to get out from the project before the finish date, he can trade his LP shares at market value to any interested third party.

Can I visit the farm?

Yes, all investors can visit the farms anytime they wish. We just require some notice ahead of time to make any necessary arrangements.

Who are the other investors?

All are private and/or public investors with different participation levels. Relation between investors is regulated by LP law in Canada.

When will I have my first dividend paid?

Each project is designed independently, and with different investment strategies. We have projected a cash flow for each one, but as in any investment project there might be differences between projections and actual results.

What ERP (enterprise resource planning) system is used?

For integrated management of agricultural operations, we use the "Ceres Agro" system that is an integrated management software that simplifies operations and provides the best analysis of management. Ceres Agro is a software designed for farming activities through its different stages. It is a management information system that integrates stocks, purchases, agricultural and livestock management, accounting, tax and budget and financial management.

How is the way of reporting to investors?

We have a custom designed system for investors, which can be used via web with a username and password which is individualy assigned. Within this system, all the business information and monthly progress of all factors can be seen. You will also be able to find pictures of the farms and all agricultural/livestock related reports, as well as financial reports.

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