Value creation through land development and highly professional management

Latam Farms provides an investment vehicle for those investors who want to own a farm in South America through a farm syndication model in which the investor can choose the farm to invest in. We offer access to different categories of investment. Starting from the choice of the country, the type of activity (grass lands, agriculture, forestry, etc) to the length. Farmland investments consist of direct investments in rural land along with crop and livestock assets that produce food, fiber, and energy. Farmland investments focus on the productive capacity of the land, and returns are based on the biological growth of crops and livestock, as well as appreciation of land and related assets. By their nature, farmland investments are mid/long-term investments in real assets. Farmland has historically generated attractive returns, with excellent capital preservation and portfolio diversification at a low to moderate level of volatility. While exhibiting low correlation to financial assets like stocks and bonds, farmland investments can provide a bond-like current income stream from lease payments or more variable income from direct operations, along with the potential for capital appreciation. In addition, through thoughtful portfolio construction, the risk/return profile of a farmland allocation can be varied to meet different risk/return preferences.

Investing in Paraguay

Paraguay - Land of Opportunities I

Paraguay - Land of Opportunities II


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